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Äiti & lapsi / Mother & child

Sassi Design

Äiti & lapsi / Mother & child


The Midwifejewelry was designed to act as an homage to the hard work performed by midwives, in celebration of The Federation of Finnish Midwives est. 1919, and it's members.

Jeweler Kimmo Sassi has witnessed the importance of a midwife himself, having fathered two children and being present for both of their deliveries.

His personal experiences birthed the idea for a piece of jewelry in which the mother, the child, the family and the entire circle of life all come together with the midwife taking part in the journey.

The creators of the Midwifejewelry are Kaj Sassi and Kimmo Sassi at Fiskars village.

10% of the incomes of the jewelry goes to the Federation of Finnish Midwives fund of scholarship and contribution.


Käsintehty Fiskarsin ruukissa, Suomessa.

10% korun tuotosta menee Suomen Kätilöliiton apuraha- ja stipendirahastoon.

Valmistettu aidosta kierrätetystä hopeasta 925. Hopeaketju sisältyy hintaan, voit valita haluamasi ketjun pituuden tilatessasi korun. 

Handmade by brothers Kaj and Kimmo in Fiskars village Finland.

Made entirely from recycled sterling silver 925/000.

Size, diameter: 60 mm.

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